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Neil Armstrong


Neil has industry experience working in property management and trade. He has ran the business for 14 years and has overseen the expansion into End-point Assessment.

Email: neil@connectedawarding.co.uk

Daniel Cooper

Operations Manager, Trade , Wholesale & Warehousing

Daniel has been in the Electro-technical industry for the last 3 years, delivering apprenticeship training with a 7 year history in the development and delivery of assessment/training. In this time he has sat on trailblazer groups and represented the industry as an Education Ambassador.  

Email: dan@connectedawarding.co.uk

Adrian Joyce

Operations Manager, Housing & Property Management

Adrian has been in the property management industry for the last 10 years, before recently moving itno the Electro-technical industry assessing and coaching, apprentice competence. With a 8 years working on the development and delivery of assessment/training.

Email: adrian@connectedawarding.co.uk

Our Governing Body

Our governors are a pivotable part of our Assessment Organisation, responsible for overseeing the management side of our operations, including strategy, policy, budgeting, and staffing. They enable our Assessment Organisation to run as effectively as possible, working alongside senior leaders to provide excellent, forward thinking assessment. 

Diane Howarth


Della Frank

Lecturer, Head of Department, EQA

Josè Garcia-Mirallès

GP Partner

18, Novus Business Centre, North West Industrial Estate,

Peterlee SR8 2QJ

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