The introduction of End-Point Assessment (EPA) has been one of the biggest changes to the apprenticeship landscape. Since the reform in 2016, this new process is ensuring a higher quality of apprenticeship.

EPA determines whether an apprentice is competent in their role, by allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and behaviours through a range of assessments at the end of their apprenticeship.

It’s important to remember that EPAOs such as Conected Awarding, when approved, only manage the assessment and certification for apprentices. They are independent of any form of training throughout the apprenticeship and act solely as an assessment service at the end of an apprentice’s training.

The introduction of EPA aims to test apprentices to the best of their ability across all aspects of the new apprenticeship standard. This achievement is recognised through an apprenticeship certificate.

Location & Time

EPA always take place at the location of the apprentice’s host employer. This provides the opportunity for the apprentice to work to the best of their ability in a familiar environment.

The average length for our assessments is 1 day.


If an apprentice fails a component of their EPA they can resit if the employer agrees and the resit is within the EPA window.

Resits incur an additional fee.


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