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An employer’s role throughout an apprenticeship is to ensure the apprentice builds their competencies within the workplace, mapping these competencies to the elements in the published Apprenticeship Standard. By working closely with the apprentice’s training provider, they mentor the apprentice and prepare them for their End-Point Assessment (EPA).

For EPA, employers will be supported to:

  • Provide details of the apprentice and the estimated end date of the apprenticeship. This can be done by a Training Provider submitting a request for service on behalf of the employer. Once the apprentice is registered.

  • Mentor their apprentice to the correct standards and help them prepare for their EPA

  • Plan the EPA date and agree to EPA schedule during our Gateway Meeting

  • Complete the EPA schedule, during the Gateway Meeting 

  • Consider which aspects of their job role the apprentice will be doing on the day of the assessment and ensure this fits the assessment plan

  • Consider how to facilitate the EPA day for the apprentice

  • Provide an appropriate location for any Professional Discussions

  • Consider any local requirements, such as security clearance or site induction


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