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Connected Awarding are seeking approval

to provide tailored EPA service for the 

Trade & Housing Sectors.

Our assessments enable apprentices to demonstrate to our competent assessors, with years of industry experience, how they meet the Knowledge Skills and Behaviours of their apprenticeship standards. 

Our industry experience, combined with assessment and training knowledge ensure a high level of quality and professionalism across all aspects of our service, from the preparation of assessment materials to the delivery of EPAs. 

By individually working with industry Trailblazers, we have developed a set of assessment materials which are complaint with the appropriate assessment guidance.

We maintain rigorous and robust processes to ensure consistency and quality is applied across all the apprenticeship standards we assess.


  • We are dedicated to the Trade & Housing Industries

  • Industry competent assessors with recent, relevant experience

  • Customer-focused, with an understanding of the fast-paced environments we operate in

  • Responsive support network

  • EPAs that work around YOU.


  • Responsive support & guidance through the EPA journey, including support visits

  • EPA meetings with other providers 

  • EPA Planing assistace


18, Novus Business Centre, North West Industrial Estate,

Peterlee SR8 2QJ

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